Short Path Evaporation Car Engine Oil Regeneration Unit

 Thin film evaporation and short path molecular evaporation

Thin film evaporation and molecular evaporation is current widely used for used oil re-refining. Some used oil recycling plant manufacturers use thin film for light fraction separation, and molecular evaporation for base oil extraction, because molecular evaporation is more suitable for evaporation of high viscosity fluid. Our process separates light fraction through atmospheric distillation and extract base lube oil with short path evaporator. This is to reduce maintenance of equipment at light fraction separation stage, since column type distillation for light oil removal is more adaptable. There are many projects in the world using molecular projects failed, their plants are chocked very soon, or oil color is dark. Our process has avoided those problems and enhanced the advantages of molecular process maintaining the oil molecules and additives of oil under high vacuum and low temperature. This process especially superior for high grade luxury oil recycling with less impurities, and after regeneration, the recycled oil is similar to new lube oil without replenishment of additives. Generally this process is more expensive.


Advantages of short path molecular evaporation process

1.       High indexes of recycled oil, maintained the additives of oil.

2.       Advanced and popular process, good quality oil.

3.       Having superiority for high grade oil regeneration.

Short path type molecular evaporator for used lubricating oil recycling 2014-05-03
Short path evaporation car engine oil regeneration unit 2013-09-25