Vessel Type Waste Motor Oil Recycling Plant

Vessel type vacuum distillation process

Vessel type vacuum distillation process is an updated process of common vessel vacuum distillation. It is a vacuum distillation vessel with heating facility and vacuuming system. It is a simple way to make oil distillation. But traditional vessels we saw many problems, for example, somebody use direct burner at the bottom of vessel, somebody use heating coils inside with thermal oil medium, direct heating at the bottom may make the oil uneven heated and heating efficiency is low, generally maximal capacity is around 10TPD,coil type heating is more easy to control, but the problem is after a certain period of heating, the oil sludge is attached on the coils and it is not easy to clean, oil sludge coked on the coils make the heat of thermal oil can’t be effectively conducted to oil in vessel. The plant from our company utilized the heating method called hot wind heating method, the vessel is made of special material, and the external of vessel is a special heating layer with hot wind path, it is a perfect way make the oil heated averagely, and the heating temperature is very easy to control, the maximal temperature can reach 700 degree, we can get the temperature what we want for oil distillation. Except average heating, a scraping agitator inside keep blending to help evaporation and prevent coking, strong vacuum units to make the oil distilled under high vacuum. Cracking of oil is effectively avoided and the oil index is very good, after rectification with clay we can get good quality base oil(considering the scale, not use furfural rectification). If light fraction content in used oil is high, the oil would be pretreated by atmospheric distillation tower or an evaporator for water, gasoline, diesel separation.


Advantages of hot wind vessel type vacuum distillation

1.  Without high columns it can be hidden in a proofed workshop. Rational internal structure of vessel effectively blocks coking.

2.   The easiest way to start oil project, easy maintenance, high automatic, no need experienced operators.

3.  With effective heating method, high vacuum degree, the oil quality is guaranteed.

Vessel type waste motor oil recycling plant 2013-09-25