Used Oil Re-refining Plant

 Lubricating ( motor oil, engine oil, hydraulic, gear box oil, turbine oil etc.) oil is widely used in the fields of manufacturing, transportation, chemical industry ect. With the development of national economy, the demanded quantity is increasing. Lubrication oil is used for lubricating, cooling, anti-rust, sealing, buffering purpose in all sorts of machineries. Because contaminated by dust, metal from environment, and working in high speed parts, contacting with air and polymerization, condensation, oxidation ect reactions occurred. The lubricating oil is gradually deteriorating during using, the main appearance is the color become darker, acidity number increasing, odor discharging, and oil sludge, precipitate produced. In fact, lubricating oil is deteriorated 1-10% of its hydrocarbons, most of the rest hydrocarbons are still the viscosity performer and effective components, this is the potential motivation of waste lubricating oil regeneration.

Used lubricating oil contains oxygen-carrying, nitrogen-carrying, sulfurate-carrying organic compound, and chemical additives, dumping or burning these lubricants would generate a lot of pollution and waste energy resource. With the increasingly dried-up of petroleum resource and strengthening of environmental consciousness as well rising of oil price, regeneration of used oil is attached importance by the countries worldwide. Regeneration of used oil could safe energy resource, change waste in to valuables, reduce its pollution to environment, has great economic and social benefits.

Recent years, the advanced countries in the world deeply researched the used lube oil recycling process, placeing emphasis on environment protection, making used oil not pollute environment, no secondary pollution during regeneration, saving energy consumption, pollution free, upsizing, high recovery rate is the trend.

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