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Supplying different scale oil refinery plants from 50 tons to 5000 tons per day,
including design, equipment, installation, construction service. We have  advantages
on medium and small scale oil refining units, they're  flexible, sustainable, 
able to meet customers high standard expections.

Atmospheric distillation unit and vacuum distillation unit

Process introduction

First heat up the crude oil to 90-130c through heat exchanger then add purified water and demulsifier, after mixing and then send in to electrical desalting and dewatering device to have the tiny droplets gradually extended to larger ,and then form a water layer to have water, dissolved salt, impurity ect removed.

After desalting treatment, crude oil is heated up to 220-250c to enter in to pre-fractionator, light gasoline is extracted from top of pre-fractionator, topped crude from tower bottom through heat exchanger and atmospheric furnace to be heated up to 360-370 c, then enters in to atmospheric distillation tower, to separate out gasoline, kerosene ,light diesel, heavy diesel fractions, after

electrochemical treatment, they’re product oil for supply.

Atmospheric bottom heavy oil will be heated up to 380-400c and then flow in to vacuum distillation tower, to separate out different vacuum fractions, these fractions will be used as raw materials for catalytic treatment or lubricating oil. Vacuum residue after heat exchanged and cooled to be fuel or heat exchanged to make raw materials for coking, catalytic cracking, oxidation asphalt.                                                                    


Main products from atmospheric distillation unit 

1. Fraction from initial boiling point to <200c as gasoline fraction( reforming raw material or naphtha ).

2. Fraction around 200c is kerosene( molecular sieve or solvent naphtha)

3. Light diesel fuel oil

Fraction around 280c is light diesel fuel.

4. Heavy diesel fuel oil

Fraction around 340c is heavy diesel.

5. Residuum  

Fraction around 360c is vacuum residuum  

Products from vacuum distillation unit

1. Light vacuum gas oil(vacuum cut 1) as raw material for heavy diesel, ethylene cracking.

2. Medium vacuum gas oil( vacuum cut 2,3) as raw material for lube oil or paraffins.

3. Heavy vacuum gas oil( vacuum cut 4)

4. Vacuum tower bottom oil is vacuum residuum as raw material for fuel oil.