Petroleum oil refining equipment

 We are supplying oil refining equipment such as atmospheric distillation unit , vacuum distillation equipment, road paving asphalt oxidation unit, viscosity breaking unit, de-waxing unit, blending unit etc. basic refining equipment. Asphalt tanks, Heat exchanger, Laboratory testing equipment for refineries.

We have long experience and good technology for oil refining. Process are simplified and the process has very good adaptability to different quality raw materials.We are especially have advantages at mini scale or medium scale oil project from 200-1500tons per day.

Viscosity breaking unit is a easy way to produce fuel ,it make slightly catalytic breaking of heavy fraction of oil to make diesel, comparing with catalytic cracking treatment, it is cost less and more easier to make fuel.

We have existing asphalt production unit from crude oil to asphalt output, this line is 1000tpd, it conbined of Atmospheric distillation tower, vacuum distillation tower, asphalt oxidation unit, modified asphalt blending system ect. to produce different sorts of asphalt(bitumen) which is used for common road paving,heavy traffic road paving, construction, sealing ect. applications.