The best technology in China for used oil treatment

With several tens years of efforts of many engineers in China,  taking the advantage of current world used oil processing technogy. Our engineers combined the knowledge of oil treatment methods such as traditional column type, high vacuum vessel type, thin film evaporation, short path molecular evporation. Frankly speaking, these technology has their advantages and disadvantages before, but by research of our engineers and their practical operation experience in used oil re-refineries, they have measures to optimise these processes , make these processes running stable, and high quality production. 

There are a lot of units in the world look complicate and advanced, they sell these units at high prices, customers or re-refineries are impressed by these units.  But many of them are failed and have their units stopped due to some problems met during operating.  Those equipment manufacturers don't have sufficient refining units operation experience, they only have a good scheme in their mind, some points are taken granted in their design.  We have supported many units in China and they're running very well for years. Also we are willing to provide technical assistance for repair or improvement of units for the used oil re-refinery owners domestic or abroad.