Column type furfural treatment used oil re-refining plant

 Column type furfural treatment used oil re-refining plant

Traditional column type vacuum distillation with furfural rectification

Column type vacuum distillation is similar like the crude oil distillation towers, oil is re-refined through atmospheric distillation and vacuum distillation column. It is easy to understand. Only thing is the inner structure of packaged distillation column is slightly different from the crude oil distillation column to suit the used lube oil with high content of colloid, additives, organic acid. The distilled raw base oil will be sent to rectification unit to have the oil rectified by furfural extraction. The investment of this kind of process is generally high, so it is suitable for larger scale oil re-refineries.


Advantages of column type used oil re-refining process.

1.       Suitable for high scale project higher than 100kt/a.

2.       The recycled base oil quality through furfural treatment is very good.

3.       Continuous operating with DCS automatic control.